Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mission Reunion Fun...

The Mission Reunion was a success. We had a good group of people drop by to say hello and visit. I am sorry I was not able to make it until the end of the reunion. Because of work obligations, I did not make it up there until 9:00, so there are not a lot of pictures. Above are the handful of pictures I took of those still around. If any of you took pictures at the reunion, please email them to me at That way I can post them for all to see.

Thank you to the Cutlers for setting everything up. Thank you to all of you who brought food to share as well. As many of you know, the Cutlers will soon be moving to Missouri. I will post updates on their big move as I get details. Keep them in your prayers, they need to sell their home here before moving.

I am working with Sister Cutler to compile a consolidated list of all missionary names, email address and home addresses. If you filled out your information on the paper at the reunion, I have that. Please stay tuned... I will post the names of those we do not have any information for. Once the list is up, please let me know if you happen to have any information for those listed.

Again, thank you to all who came. It is always great to see everyone and catch up on how things are going. We have had a handful of people who have had babies, moved or gotten married... stay tuned for a post soon with those updates. :)