Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Reunion/Party

Thank you to James and Katie for hosting the party this year! I am sad to say that I remembered the wrong time for the party, so I missed most of you. I got there in time to say good-bye to about 6 people. Maybe next time I will re-check the invite and start time on the day of. :)
From everyone I talked to, I heard it was great. There are many of you we had not seen in a long time. There was plenty of baby holding and catching up to do. I am so happy for those who were there and able to catch up. I know the Cutlers LOVED seeing everyone... so thank you for stopping by!
Anyone who will be around next Christmas, let us know. We usually try to have something and we'd love to see as many people as we can at each of these gatherings.
We wish the Cutlers the best of luck with preparing and selling their house and moving to Missouri. :)

Thanks to Katie, we have some pictures from the event :) ... here they are: